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Mini Split AC

Are there no air ducts at your home? Do you want an easy heating and cooling solution for your home? Turn to us for mini split AC Fresno TX installation. Do you have a mini-split already but face some problems? Don’t worry. We’ll send an AC repair Fresno TX pro to fix them. At our company, we are experts in mini split air conditioner models of all brands & their services. Whether you need mini split repair, maintenance, replacement, or new installation, call us for the service.

Prompt Fresno mini split AC repair

If you have troubles with your mini split AC unit in Fresno, Texas, or one of the surrounding areas, turn to our company without hesitation. Compared to central AC systems, mini-splits are much simpler. Still, troubleshooting to diagnose the reasons for the mini split AC leaking or not working efficiently is not easy. Such tasks require great expertise in the field and a lot of training. Make sure your AC is fixed correctly by turning to us. We send qualified pros with experience in all models of any brand and trained to check and fix them. With us, you get fast solutions to your problems and expert split AC unit repair.

Mini Split AC Fresno TX

Excellent split AC unit installation service

Do you need the old split AC unit replaced? Planning a new split AC unit installation for the first time? It would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you. These ACs are simpler than their central counterparts but still in a great variety. It’s important that you choose a model that can effortlessly cool & also heat the room based on how big it is. Let us send you a tech. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had an expert by your side? Turbo Techs Heating & Cooling Service is at your disposal.

What’s the ductless mini split AC?

Why should you invest in a ductless mini split? These units are efficient, while most models not only cool the room but also heat it. They comprise two main parts – the exterior condenser unit and the indoor evaporator unit, and so their installation is easy, their price is affordable, and since they don’t rely on ducts, they are ideal for non-ducted homes. Our company dispatches techs to install mini split ACs to any room you want. They do their job expertly and complete it without making a mess.

Call us. Whether you want a Fresno mini split AC repaired, installed, replaced, or maintained, we are at your service. Want to learn more or get a quote? Drop us a ring.